Attendee Assistants

Volunteering is one of the most integral parts of an event, to ensure that attendees are satisfied with their visit and the day runs smoothly.


A volunteer will be at the event from 7am to help set up, to 4pm. It is up to you, and you can state in the application form, whether or not you want to volunteer for both days or only one.

Volunteering will provide you with the rewards below:

1-day volunteer rewards:

  • Free entry into the venue
  • A chance to see how everything works behind the scenes
  • Interacting with our guests and attendees
  • 1 free autograph OR photo-op from any guest you choose (not including special guests)

2-day volunteer rewards:

  • As above plus
  • 1 signed handheld object i.e. a collectable from any guest you choose. (including special guests)!
  • 1 free autograph OR photo-op from any guest you choose (including special guests)!

You may be asked to help with activities such as:

  • Manning a help desk
  • Reception entry
  • Ticket purchases
  • Managing the queues for photo-ops and autographs
  • Distributing photo-ops

You will be taught how the system works upon arriving for the first day.

Duties would also include answering lots of questions from attendees that may include but are not limited to:

  • How do I get to (location)?
  • Where can I find (guest)?
  • How much is (guest)’s photo/autograph?
  • Where can I buy a ticket for (guest)?
  • Where can I find food?
  • What time is (guest)’s photo-op?

We are not able to reimburse travel or hotel costs at this time due to being a smaller event, so we recommend that you live locally or are willing to travel. During the event you will be given £10 to spend at the food tills on whatever you want each day.

Click the link below to be taken to the application form:

Application Form

Applications will close 5 days before the event starts.