Guests with limited mobility

Standard access into The Forum venue is around the side of the hotel and up the stairs, however if you have limited mobility, please enter the hotel revolving doors at the front of the hotel and ask for entrance to the forum at the reception.


Guests unable to cope with queues/cannot stand.

If you have a disability that makes it difficult to stand in the queues, please attend the disability desk and present valid proof of disability. When collecting your wristband, a sticker will be applied to your wristband which will allow you to be taken to the front of photo-op queues, where there will be seating available. When your selected celebrity has started their photo ops, you will be taken in as soon as possible. You will be taken to the front of autograph queues. Approach a staff member (they have “staff” written on their shirt) tell them where/who you want to see, and they will tend to you.

Each attendee with a disability access may bring one carer with them to the front of the queues providing they have purchased a full price ticket.

Priority seating will be provided for the stage talks. This will not be at the front of the hall but along the sides.

Valid forms of proof:

  • PIP, DLA, etc
  • A letter from your doctor or healthcare professional